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The Value of Community Service

            Have you ever wondered what it is like living in a homeless shelter, senior home or even an animal shelter? Well it can be very scary and even imprisoning. The people and animals who have no one to visit them and most likely spend their days sitting and doing nothing but what the people in charge of the facilities instruct them to and that has to be a rough lifestyle. The whole idea of working in a shelter is to help others and expect nothing in return. It's giving your time to make another's day just a little bit better and showing them there are people who care. The fact that community service is required really does nothing to prove that it is any less useful. It teaches kids that community service is an act of kindness and a good deed with more than one way in which to gain perspective on what others lives can be like on a daily basis, and that others have needs in which need to be met besides our own. Community service is an eye opening experience that being required to do makes it help a lot of those who wouldn't normally participate, see there is more to life than what we see. Its teaching are supposed to be not only heartwarming, but give you the feeling that doing things for others is so helpful, and improving their situations brings hope to their lives. Ive had many experiences in which community service helps others tremendously, by both showing care and reaching out to them. The requirements of students to do community service should be required as it gains: the experience needed to teach you helping others is a great act of kindness, a sense of responsibility and pride in doing something for reasons other than yourself, and it gives you a new perspective and opportunity in which to apply skill building from volunteering to your teamwork and leadership skills,.
             Community service, although required, does give the participant an experience that no other event can really match.

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