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Colleges and Community Service

            The majority of high schools in the United States have a graduation requirement consisting of completing 60 hours of community service. I didn't have to complete that requirement when I graduated from high school. Many people say I am fortunate for that. However, I think that doing community service would have been fun and beneficial, not only to the society, but also for yourself, since you meet new people and learn new things about your society. Dave Eggers, discusses in his article, "Serve or Fail"," that community service should be obligatory to college students. In college, community service is not a graduation requirement, yet I agree with Eggers and believe it should be.
             I agree with Egger's point when he mentions that college students are the ones that have the time to help those around them, unlike high school students who have other responsibilities such as classes every day of the week from Mondays to Fridays from eight to around three o' clock. Whereas, college students have different schedules, some of them go two to three days a week others go five times a week but with shorter hours or longer breaks between classes in which community service hours could be done. My cousin attended classes Tuesdays and Thursdays. So on Monday and Wednesday mornings from nine to two he would help older people in his neighborhood in their gardens. Then he would use the rest of those days to study and do homework. I also think this prevented him from staying up late with friends on Sunday and Tuesday nights because he had to be up early the next morning. If college students were dedicated to their time they would get a lot more things done than they expect.
             I also agree with Eggers when he says,"colleges could give credit for service"." That would be a major incentive for college students and it would force them to do community service. They would do the community service for two reasons other than helping the community; first of all for the credits, and secondly to graduate college.

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