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The Importance of Volunteer Service

            Have you ever thought about how important it is to someone give his free time to help a stranger? Most people think that volunteer service is a kind of job that does not bring benefits to the person who does the job. However, there are a lot of advantages to those who do. According to Dave Eggers in his article "Server or Fail." Eggers explains the benefits of volunteer work. He mentions what in my opinion is the key of the success of doing volunteer work. Eggers says, "Volunteering is by nature transformative". As results, the constancy of volunteer work has the power to convert reluctant participants to the job once they keep helping who need their help. Additionally, there are a lot of benefits that a volunteer service can provide to people who are willing to help other for free. Besides of the feeling of satisfaction that volunteering work can provide, people can learn about a new carrier and also earn credits to achieve their college goals.
             The satisfaction that a person who is helping someone for free can be more gratifying than a person who is being helped. Like Eggers explain in his article, volunteer service is really transformative and it can cause a profound effect in volunteer's life even in those people who were reluctant in volunteering. Eggers says, "Reluctant participants become quick converts every day." On my own experience, volunteer service is an activity that provide joy to both sides. Before I started to do volunteer service I was hesitating to give my precious time to help someone for free. However, one day I decided to give up my own interest and I start to help others. My first volunteer service was in a NGO called ABEVID, which is a NGO who help drug addicts. I have helped for five years doing so many kind of works but especially to created websites and playing guitar at the meetings were what I liked most. .
             Every time that I went there to do those activities for so many time I experienced the feeling of joy after conclude each activity.

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