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Protecting Our Country with the Draft

            In today's society the military draft is a taboo subject. Is it an important element or an unnecessary part of our military? The truth is, the draft is an essential element in case of a national crisis. Sun Tzu stated; "The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin."[ CITATION Sun10 l 1033 ] After September 11, 2001 there has been an increasing about of controversy surrounding the subject. Many people began to worry if the Presidential office would reinstate the draft as did for the Vietnam War. Some people would even argue that there was no need for the draft. However, the draft serves many purposes. First, the draft would provide the armed forces with the personnel it needs when Armed Forces need them. Secondly, the draft would boost the patriotism, honor and brotherhood in our country. Lastly, it would assist in building a better society by offering people access to educational opportunities and character building skills that they may otherwise not be able to obtain. .
             If you were to ask foreigner, why they came to the United States they would say they came here for the freedom. This freedom wasn't something that was just given to us. Soldiers fought for our right to be free. We enjoy the ability to say and do what we want and become anything we want to be. For this reason, the draft is incredibly important. It would fulfill the need of a nation military with sufficient numbers of recruits before, during, and after a time of war. Without this we run the risk of losing much more than just a war. We may even lose our rights as free country. The Selective Services was created for that purpose. The mission of the Selective Service is; "The statutory missions of the Selective services are to be prepared to provide trained and untrained personnel to the DOD in the event of a national emergency." (Selective Services, 2012) People claim that the need for large numbers of military personnel is no longer necessary with the advanced technology of the 21st century.

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