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A Constitution for Europe

             First of all we have to ask ourselves, is a constitution for Europe really necessary and what is the meaning of all European treaties? We have to think about as well, why if took so long time to form a European community. Why are some states afraid about a common constitution and also why a constitution is now so important? To draft a constitution for Europe is more complicated and complexes compared with a draft for an individual country. .
             We have the Treaty of the European Union, which was signed in Maastrich in 1992, created the political Union amongst the Member States and brought also considerable changes to the existing Treaties. The treaty created the European Union, a concept comprising the EC, as well as other forms of cooperation, but they leave open questions about the balance of responsibilities between the central EU institutions and the 15 member states. Although the Treaty of Amsterdam signed on 2 October 1997, it amended and renumbered the EU and EC treaties. The last Treaty was in Nice (2001) for amend the existing Treaties. French President Valery Giscard d"Estaing, is currently departing the idea, with a view to making recommendation for a new draft treaty to be considered an inter-governmental conference in 2004.
             Current Situation "why" is it so important for Europe:.
             The majority of the European population are suggesting that we already have a constitution. This is not true. There is a European charter of human rights, but that is not really a constitution and was not written by the EU. The Union treaty deals mainly with inter governmental matters, defence and foreign policy and home affairs. Community treaty deals with the core economic business of the customs union and single market. The EU has got three main institutions - the European commission, council and parliament. The unions treaties fail almost every test of clarity and brevity: 165 pages long, plus another 90 pages in the yet to be ratified Treaty of Nice and both have overlapping preambles with objectives, "tasks" and "principles".

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