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The European Enlightenment

            The European Enlightenment was rise from England in 17th century and developed in other European countries in 18th century. It is an ideological emancipation movement of bourgeois and publicize the idea of freedom and equality . It lead the American war of independence, provides the theoretical basis for them and changed the people's thought to push the American Revolution. After the independence of U.S.A., the Enlightenment also established the political system and idea of the capitalist countries.
             The core value of Enlightenment is democracy, freedom and equality. First the criticizing absolute monarchy Inspired by 'Natural Law' and 'Social Contract Theory', Enlightenment thinkers disclosed the concepts of natural and legal rights, in order to negate the feudal system. Second, promoting the concepts of freedom and equality in the light of natural and legal rights, enlightenment thinkers promoted the concepts of freedom and equality ruled by the law, no matter economic events or freedom of thoughts and publications. Equality means independence and free from salivary, which is a part of natural rights. In law, people are born to be equal. However, in practice, we understand that due to private property and national powers, people are unequal in all means.
             All of these theories greatly inspired the colonial and semi-colonial people's struggle for national independence, especially in America. At that time, American still ruled by the British, the Enlightenment changed the mind of the people and cause the American Revolution.
             First, Enlightenment has inspired people's resistance and the independent consciousness of North America. The Common Sense written by Thomas Paine , who influenced by the enlightenment, he told the America people should against the control of British and separate from the British regime. Besides, he stressed that the United States should set up a government without the power of any king and nobility, this made the people determined to have revolution.

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