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Women In The Draft

            War is a permanent topic all around the country in our homes, yet the draft has been the topic in Congress. Congress reintroduced the military draft but after extensive debate it was turned down (Brody).
             In the midst of debating whether or not to reinstate the draft, the question of whether the women should be included in the draft is up in the air. Personally, I believe that women should be included in the draft, since we"re all considered equal, women should be obligated to register with Selective Services just as the men are.
             There might be a need for women out in the field, according to Region Director Col. Keith Scraggs, "could be a likely scenario if we have a shortage of medical folks and this thing drags out," (Betsch). On the topic of the current war taking place in Iraq, Brodsky said, "Looking at the numbers of medical personnel required, the time frames and the kinds of skills required-it would have to include women," (Betsch). I believe that women can be very helpful on the medical field.
             Once women are in the military they are very restricted. Women are excluded from a numerous amount of different services (Women). Most if not all of the restrictions deal with direct combat. Women can't be involved with anything related to armored, amphibious, assault units, and fleet anti-terrorist security teams (Women). Helicopter piloted by women can't be in combat, but they are allowed to transport supplies (Women). Now I would think that they do this to avoid P.O.W.'s but hwy would the military think that a helicopter transporting supplies, the opposing side will be happy to shoot down anything of ours. Women aren't allowed to be assigned anything to do with Marine Corps. Including: infantry, any form of armor, field artillery, or security force guards protecting nuclear materials (Women). Women are allowed to be Sonar Technicians but aren't allowed to serve in submarine combat (Women).

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