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Women As Well As Men Should Be Required For The Draft

             Essay: Women As well As Men Should be Required for The Draft.
             Women and men have served on combat but women are not required to register for the draft. One in five new military recruits are women, men are still singled out and are required to register with the Selective Service for a possible future draft. Quiendlen argues that this is an example of discrimination against women and that the entire selective service procedure is an anachronism. .
             The idea of conscription is distasteful to many, but the draft is an unfortunate necessity. While women officers and enlisted personnel serve with difference in the United States women have never been subject to Selective Service registration or an America. Women who served in the past and those who serve today in number, all volunteered for military service. The Unites State came close to drafting women during World was II, when there was a military nurse. However, there was a rise of volunteerism and a draft of was not needed. .
             Women in other countries are drafted into military. Every Israeli citizen must serve in the Israeli Army. Other countries have considered or put into practice conscription women already and the United States should follow suit. Opponents of women being in the military might argue that women might have to leave a family behind or become pregnant while on active duty. But health concerns that would distract from duty need to be addressed and details need to be hammered out for maternity leave. .
             Other argues that women shouldn't have to register because they won't be able to physically handle a combat situation. This is a moot point because the military provides training and decides where each person will be placed, including less physical jobs. It's unlikely that a woman who lacked the physical skills for combat would be placed in that situation. The military wants to win wars, and it would be harmful to place people in positions they are not qualified for or lack an affinity for.

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