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Women, Equal Rights, and War

             "Anything you can do, I can do better.I can do any thing better than you," writes Irving Berlin.Women have fought for equal rights for many years. As most people know the United States is most likely going to enter war with Iraq. Although women scream for equal rights and fight a never-ending battle for it, they still however do not have or wish to enroll in the draft. What happened to anything you can do I can do better? Physically, medically, and educationally women could be a big help if drafted.
             A woman, in my opinion, can do anything a man can do. Whether it's fighting or commanding the troops, a woman is just as capable as a man at any and everything. So I see no reason why the majority of the women in the United States would rather just sit back and let the men do everything in the war. Of course there are those women who are already in the army. But you don't see women right activists fighting for the right to get drafted do you? Absolutely, not! Women can be just as strong and strategic if not more than a man. Women claim that women are smarter than men, but is that really accurate considering they don't want to put the knowledge to good use by joining the army. .
             Medically women could be a huge advantage in the war. They could even draft women to be nurses. That alone is still a major contribution by women in taking part in this war. Women could get drafted just to offer minor things such as that. The more help the United States army can get the better. In The New York Times it states that approximately a little over 60% of the United States army are males and not females. In this statistic alone it shows the lack of support of women in the army. They could even just be there for one on one encouragement to help the males who are fighting the war to not lose their hope. .
             Also women could be a huge part of the war educationally. Even just to offer their woman intuition, we could majorly benefit in the time of war.

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