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How Women Got the Vote

            The 19th century witnessed the birth of two monumental movements in American history: Abolition of Slavery and Women's Suffrage. These two movements both sought to secure the American promise of liberty and equality for all people. With the turn of the 18th century, the dawn of a religious revival known as, "the Second Great Awakening", marked a new age recognized as The Antebellum Reform Era. The Awakening sparked a critical concept; that through religious efforts and moral reform, America could possess a perfect society. The Abolition of Slavery was the mother of the Civil Rights Movement evoking a desire in Americans to advance toward social improvements and with growing numbers of reform advocates; progression was on the horizon. A large percentage of the reform advocates were women. It was believed due to woman's high moral standards and their tender hearts that the Abolishment of Slavery and the gain of Women's Rights were driven to success. Women's Suffrage endured during the time when social standing, race, and gender defined a person's place in society. The Women's Movement was filled with many innovations throughout the 19th and 20th century. Women's involvement in social advocacy efforts eventually led them to campaign for their own right to vote and take part in government agencies. As a result, their endeavor led to the eventual passing of the 19th amendment. The victors who can be accredited to the abolition of slavery and the fight for Women's Rights are the many courageous women who dared to take a stand for freedom and equality, within society. Incidentally, the Abolition movement gave women a rare and untraditional opportunity to be public advocates to the people of America. With the spotlight finally shining on them, women had to speak now or forever live as inferiors. .
             At any rate, the Abolition of Slavery as a whole was eminent to the success of the Women's Rights Movement especially, the involvement of women as advocates for the cause.

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