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The 1960s and the Rights of Women

            "When a young woman graduates from college and starts looking for a job, she is likely to have a frustrating and even demeaning experience ahead of her. If she walks into an officer for an interview, the first question she will be asked is "Do you type?" On May, 1969 in the House of Representatives, New York, Shirley Chisholm gives a speech about women equal rights. Shirley is an African American going through both prejudice and discrimination. Having enough of omen being treated like their "different or odd", Shirley gave a speech to the House of Representatives informing them of the terrible things women go through just because they are the opposite sex. Although women have rights today it was not always easy for them to accomplish equal rights, women had to go through not being able to vote, not having a job of high authority, and being treated unfairly until women finally achieved their goal.
             Women in 1969 were not allowed to vote due to men thinking women were unstable, different, and not smart enough to make the right (political) decision. Shirley Chisholm said that men see women as "different". Women were not given the right to vote because men thought they were too "unstable and lacked leadership skills". Being upset with this sort of treatment, Shirley went to accuse the government for causing these difficulties stating that women are capable of doing a man's work and maybe even better at a few jobs here and there. Ethos is involved because Shirley mentions all the things females were not allowed to: "become managers, administrators, doctors, lawyers, and members of congress". .
             So this being said, women got angry with this and it lead to other motions being released on the government. Also men never thought that they would have a problem with women wanting to vote because "women have not been aggressive enough in demanding their rights".

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