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The Dawn of Women In Rock

            The arena is teeming with people; you can feel their sweaty bodies pressed in against you as the rumbling of voices meets your ears. The lights above start to dim, and the rumbling rises to shrill screams and enthusiastic whistles. It is now like a sauna, in pitch-black darkness, and the air is charged with electricity. The crowd quivers in anticipation. Then a thunderbolt of sound erupts from the amplifiers and the stage is illuminated with colors, pyrotechnics, and dense smoke. The band appears, clutching their guitars, drum sticks, and microphones, much to the tumultuous noise of the crowd. They are poised to unleash their mountain of music to the captivated audience under the luminescence of the spotlight. It is times like these that many a fan wished he or she was on that stage, the object of the fans' affections. However, not even that fantasy would be possible for some ethnic and gender groups, had certain political movements occurred. The huge movement for women's right in the late 1960s was attributed to the growing number of women to the genre of rock music.
             Before such a movement happened, life for women was not at all like how most people know it today. Life in America after World War II was immersed in social and political turmoil. The country was in the middle of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and many people were left with a false sense of security. The looming threat of the Reds left many people to cling even closer to their families and loved ones. Families, in result, became tightly knit, with each member having a specific role, setting up stereotypes that we know today, with much accuracy.
             American cultural norms became distinguished, especially of male and female roles. "Women should be the tenders of the hearth, keepers of the home, rearers of children, and the moral, spiritual members of the family. Men, by contrast, were to be assertive, dominant, in control, the major source of power, influence, and income.

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