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Stairway to Heaven

            The song that I have chosen to analyze and dissect is titled Stairway to Heaven' by rock musicians Led Zeppelin. But before I begin this essay, I would like to let something be known - I am not a huge Zeppelin fan. I know and enjoy a couple of their songs, but I have never really gotten into them as much as I think I should. I could have broken down a song from one of my more favorite bands, such as Metallica or T.S.O.L., but I think this is more of a challenge, because of the history behind, and nature of, this song. Stairway to Heaven' is one of the most played rock radio songs of all time; a slow, yet powerful ballad that explodes into pure head banging madness by the end.
             Stairway to Heaven' is basically a story of a woman who's searching for the meaning of life and the path to heaven. Reading the lyrics, you notice that the woman sees signs on a wall but cautions herself that words can have more than one meaning. There is a bird that sings from the tree, telling of thoughts that are misgiven. The thoughts carry images of "smoke" (perhaps fog) in the trees and voices of those who seem to be standing and watching from among the trees. This is apparently the same group that is rewarded for their long-standing with the dawn of a new day and the forest's echo of laughter. What I interpret the song to mean is that the woman either believes she can find an easy way to achieve ultimate happiness and perfection, or is at least trying to. There is a lyric that is repeated in the song that goes, "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold."" I think this means that she might be tired of everyday life and is desperate to find something to uplift her spirit, or maybe even to take her out of her misery. She is either nave or just plain desperate to find an ultimate cure that she believes anything that looks even remotely pleasing can do the trick. She will try anything. She's looking to "buy- a stairway to heaven.

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