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Church Project

             On Saturday September Twenty Second I attended a mass at Saint is located in the down area of Saint Mary's Pennsylvania. The church is connected to a convent with a local elementary school across the street. It stands to be the biggest and oldest church in Saint Mary's.
             Saint Mary's was the first Catholic Church established in the new found community. German settlers that established homes in the Saint Mary's area created the church. The German parishioners are the people responsible for establishing the church in 1852. But the town was very segregated between the Germans and the Irish. The Irish decided to establish there own Catholic Church, which is, called Sacred Heart Church. The church is located less that a block from the Saint Mary's Catholic Church. Both churches have nicknames and they are the "Irish Church" and the "German Church". I took a look at both churches and found them to be very similar in how they are constructed. But I only attend mass at the German Church (Saint Mary's Catholic Church).
             The Church is still well known as it old nickname and that people still recognize it as the oldest standing church in St. Mary's. The church does not look the same as it did when it was originally built back in 1852. The basic structure of the church is still there but many things have been added. Their bulletin has a little image on the front of what the church looks like. Within the past ten years, over a million dollars has bent spent on the renovation of the church.
             The exterior of the church is rough, gray stone and modern day cement. The front of the church has cavities that have statues of Mary, Joseph and other saints and decibels. The church has three cross one on the top of ever cone on the roof. There are huge pain glass windows that cover the church on all sides with vibrant colors. When you walk into the church you pass through one of three heavy oak doors. Once through one of these doors you enter a small vestibule.

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