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Belonging to the Incan Civilization

            The documentary showed that the Inca were creative, cultured and resourceful people despite of the geographical condition they were in. To their east, there laid the world's largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon. Running west to the Pacific was the driest desert on Earth, the Atacama. The Inca were also wedged in between the rocky spine of the longest mountain range, the Andes. Although they were in a rugged and inhospitable region, shaken by earthquakes and the eruption of volcanoes that kept on shattering their cities and destroying canals that were their lifeline, they still thrived. The highest peaks of their region had very thin air, which made visitors gasp for breath. They were also close to coastal deserts that were so dry that men would turn to mummies. Despite of their unforgiving environment, it was a civilization, which believed itself to be invincible. .
             The Inca made the most and the best out of their resources whether their resources be that of the lands, waters, mountains, or the people and et cetera. What they did to the region they were in was spectacular as the size of their empire grew and matched the size of the Roman Empire. They also had a massive fighting force that was often tested in battle. They were also rich in terms of engineering, as they had tamed some of the most rugged lands on the face of the Earth with their system of roads that was so vast that it could have stretched halfway around the world. They were also able to build the magnificent and very picturesque city of Machu Picchu, the last sanctuary they had built and is one of the greatest mysteries that they had left behind and till this very day, its ruins still stand.
             The Inca was a civilization of the political culmination of ten thousand years of adaptation to high mountains, jungles and deserts. Their bodies gradually adjusted and evolved to match the setting they were in and they developed larger lungs, and short and powerful legs to negotiate the steep mountain terrain.

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