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My Philosophy of Service - Past, Present and Future

             I have always participated in service outside of school. I mainly participated in Pathfinders and their outreach activities around my home in Western New York. Although I have participated in Equi Star, a therapeutic horse riding organization, and job shadowed with a dentist. I like to go on mission trips over December into Mexico. .
             Pathfinder's is a program that is held by my church. It's a youth group with a purpose, to spread God's word and teach young people about Him. We had some community projects that I helped with, rake and run, CPR awareness, holiday food baskets, and bible working. Whether I was a staff kid or a participant, I have been a part of pathfinders since I can remember. I like participate in the club and actually for a couple years taught or help teach a class. (I.e. Friend, Companion, Guide) I loved the experiences that I had with pathfinders, and recommend Pathfinders to many people. .
             Equi star keeps horses and works with handicapped people to do exercises and other activities with horses and riders. I got involved with this activity because I wanted more on my transcript other than pathfinders. After a while volunteering I found that I wasn't helping for the reason that I started. I liked working with the horses. The whole experience was nice. Although being a volunteer required standing for hours and sometimes doing dirty jobs which I didn't mind.
             Mexico mission trips have been a family tradition. We build churches, run a VBS (vacation bible school), health expo, and a dental clinic. We always help the church community and the local Mexicans. We first started going on mission trips because our family felt that Christmas should be more than getting presents. Every mission trip has always been a great experience. I often talk about the mission trip because of how much it changes people. I entered Andrews only thinking about my grades and really not thinking much about service.

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