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Sea of Change

             "For hatred can never put an end to hatred, love alone can." (Gyatso 57) Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama of the nation of Tibet was chosen from a small peasant village 20 miles outside of the capitol. A man is trying to reclaim his broken nation. "He is the rebirth of a historical figure he was in his preceding life, a link in a chain that starts in history and leads back through the legend to a deity in ancient times." (Kai 20) He was taken from his home at the age of 5 and passed a series of tests to verify that he truly was the spiritual reincarnation of the leader of his troubled peoples. He attained his masters in Buddhist philosophy at the age of 23, at which time he passed a series of tests given to him by over 80 monks. He passed the test with honors which was only one of his many great accomplishments during his time of power. The Dalai Lama was truly influential in promoting world peace where his quest still continues today.
             Yet the Tenzin's good fortune was short lived. During 1952 the republic of China began their invasion of Tibet and by 53" their invasion was complete. The young Lama decided that his best course of action was to flee to nearby India with him and some ten thousand of his people. The emperor of India welcomed the Lama and his people with open arms. Meanwhile in his homeland countless sanctuaries and artifacts were being destroyed or sold off piece by peace. "There is little doubt that torture is often part of the routine of political arrests and incarcerations in Tibet."(Kai 20) Even while this was happening he tried to calm his people while the violent Chinese were taking control of the peaceful Tibetan countryside. "I tried my best to discourage violence even at the risk of displeasing some of my own people." (Gyatso 67) Shortly after his arrival in India the young Lama realized that the Chinese wanted him to stay in Tibet but only as the leader of a puppet government.

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