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            As time passes and we physically grow it is an unavoidable consequence of life to take part in experiences that modify our perceptions to some extent. Hannah Roberts short story Sky High illustrates this idea as similes and metaphors are interwoven within the author's recount of her childhood and her adulthood experiences within her backyard. This is used to create a contrasting image between a child's view and an adults view. To the child the "trees are like spectators"; this metaphor/simile is implying that the child's world is lively and animated . the child, climbs on then swings on the clothesline. The clothesline serves as a metaphor, the ability to swing on it symbolising freedom of the child and the inability to swing on it, showing the responsibility of being an adult. The adult however views the world in a more cynical tone. There are "lines" and "scars" on the adults hand; these wrinkles reflect the experiences people inevitably face. Much like aging is an inevitable process of life, so is change.The metaphor in the last lines of the story express the composer's change in perspective from childhood to adulthood. The inclination is still there, a small pilot light burning somewhere inside, but it is unlikely the washing line could support me this time. There are too many things tying me to the ground. Indeed it is this realistic attitude that one attains from experience. The adult has acknowledged she has grown up; that change is an inevitable, unavoidable fact of life.
             Feliks Skryznecki", highlights the unavoidable differences in the generational perspective in the migrant family due to physical growth and migration, and the loss this distancing entails. The poem is seen through the eyes of the son, relating how father and son construct their worlds differently because of their different perception of the world. The poem is every bit about self-revelation as well as it is about first generation migration and the hardships they endured.

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