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Tacoma Community College

             I think Tacoma Community College has a strong and positive organizational culture. TCC values excellence, personal growth and enrichment. This is something that most students, including myself, value. I think a student's values may differ depending upon their age, ethnicity, religion, gender and race. Someone who is older may value their accomplishments more because they weren't given the same opportunities that most 18-year-old college students have. Most people attend college to become more skilled in a specific area. Although college campuses are usually very diverse, I do think they share similar behaviors. Usually, most students try to achieve the best grade they possibly can in a certain class as they work toward their degree. Students behave with respect toward their peers and teachers. Tacoma Community College has a very positive culture. The college provides many resources, such as the library, tutoring, online services, etc, to help students with their performance. If students are doing very well in a class and understanding what they are being taught, the college is being very productive and achieving its goals. .
             The article I found discusses how as affirmative action weakens illegal job discrimination still persists in the U.S workplace. The author states that according to The Washington D.C Fair Employment Practices Commission African Americans face discrimination in one out of every five job interviews. I do not think race should be a factor when hiring for a position. I have never been faced with a situation like this but I would like to think that I would hire someone, regardless of their race or ethnicity. Perhaps more managers could have over the phone interviews with applicants. That way the manager's decision would mainly be based on their qualifications and conversation, not their physical characteristics. This may turn out to be an ineffective method of hiring future employees.

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