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High School Students and Community Service

            The first thing I used to think of when I heard the term "community service," is me, giving up my time, to do something for somebody else - for free. However, as high school graduate struggling to find a good paying job without a college degree, I came to see how important it is for high school students to be required to serve one school year involved in some type of community service. .
             High school students would benefit from serving their communities because helping others, with no financial gain, would help them learn the value of giving, as well as instilling the need of having a solid work ethic. Also, if the student takes his/her community service position seriously, those who oversee their service can write letters of recommendation for them when applying to colleges and for grants and scholarships. .
             First of all by making this a requirement it would definitely increase student motivation. It would help them grow as individuals and they would learn the responsibility of having a job and completing the necessary job duties needed at their employment. In order to help enhance a student's future, educators should provide many motivation strategies to their students so that they won't settle for less, and try to achieve their goals. Many students graduate from high school and have no idea how to act or what to do in any business organization, therefore making difficult for them to acquire employment. Students should be given options as to where they would like to conduct their community service. These options should be based on the type of career the individual is interested in for the future. For example, if my sister would've been required to do community service in a health clinic, she would've had more basic knowledge of what is required as a Can. She would've been able to see if this job would be beneficial for her or not and then would be able to make a decision as to if she wants to further a career in that or if she wants to pursue another field.

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