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Community Service, Society and Students

            In 2010, Ministry of Education passed a regulation of "Service-Learning," aiming to cultivate students' sense of service. This regulation commands that every student perform community service for a certain period of time. Furthermore, community service counts as a compulsory course. That is, students have no choice but to do community service whether they are willing or not. However, recently, some people started to argue against "compulsory service-learning," claiming that it does no good to students at all. From my perspective, I am also against this rule. Students should not be forced to perform community service.
             Since the service-learning course is compulsory, it is inevitable that every student has to perform community service. However, most of the students do the service unwillingly. If students do not perform the service out of willingness, they will not entirely devote themselves to their work and thus decline the quality of the service. For example, some junior high students went to municipal libraries to perform compulsory community service. They worked as volunteers at libraries simply because they wanted to get the credits. Yet, working without willingness, those junior high students did their work perfunctorily, and their procrastination led heavier workload to the libraries. This situation has become a tricky issue lately. Numerous municipal institutions, like libraries mentioned above, are troubled by piles of applications from students, but, unfortunately, they are unable to turn them down in order to cooperate with the service-learning regulation set by Ministry of Education. The more students they accept, the more problems they will face.
             Every student needs the service-learning credits, so they will definitely apply for volunteer work vacancies. It is obvious that the more students apply for community service, the more volunteer work vacancies will be occupied.

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