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Advanced Telecommunications in local Communities

            Advanced Telecommunication infrastructure has played an important role in both social and economic development of local communities. Modern Telecommunications infrastructure has created both positive and negative effects on local communities. "Advances in Telecommunication has been a two-way street for rural areas. Although enhanced telecommunications services increase a rural community's access to information, and help rural businesses serve non-local markets, but it also makes it easier for urban firms to capture and serve rural market, thus inhibiting local rural development. (Guldmann, 2001)." .
             Without the new telecommunication infrastructures local communities are not having the prosperity and opportunities that advances in telecommunications bring. Telecommunications infrastructure has helped rural communities in creating social and economic development, by linking rural regions with urban communities, and services. Telecommunication advances has played an important role in boosting and improving product quality and services in rural businesses, as many successful rural businesses today depend on high technical quality of services and equipments. Throughout the history telecommunications technology has been simply a tool to connect urban and rural communities together. However, Social isolation, Physical distance, and low population density seem to be huge obstacles in improving rural .
             economic development. "Social isolation and long distances make advanced telecommunication infrastructures costly and an investment risk in rural areas (Harris & Fulton, 1997)." Many rural regions now do not have high levels of telecommunication access and services as urban areas have, and are rapidly getting left behind. These specified rural areas have not really been able to benefit from rapidly high technology advances because of lacking in having access to highly equipped services due to the high costs.

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