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Community srevice

            My community service project was helping with children at Delowe Community Center in East Point. The reason I chose this project was because I"m very patient with children and it seemed to be the most enjoyable thing at the time. I didn't have a personal reason why I chose working with children, but I felt it would be the easiest thing because I was once a child. If it were up to me this wouldn't be a spontaneous thing I would do. I don't enjoy using my spare time to do community service. But while there I did learn a lot of new things about children I never really recognized.
             While participating in this community service program I was asked to be a role model for the younger kids. I noticed the first day that the kids want to know everything about anyone new. They asked me question after question after question till I intervened and started asking them questions. I didn't know anyone there but it seemed very relaxing at first. It started about 2:45 when the elementary kids got out of school. The children explained how they had to bring in a news article, toys, comic strips, or simply tell everyone how there day was when they arrived. At first I was thrilled by how neat and calm they all were. But that all changed when they would go to recess and come back. They were mostly loud and talkative, but there was one kid that always sat by himself. He didn't say anything, play with anyone, he just sat quietly till it was time to go. I worked with a woman named Angie that said he was always like that. She said he's not shy, he just doesn't have anything to say to anyone. Looking at him like that made me feel bad because he's so young and he can't find anything to do that he enjoys. The next day when I came back he was their again sitting in a corner. Instead of just letting him sit there I sat with him and tried to figure his name and what he liked to do. It took a while but he told me his name was Chris and he liked to draw.

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