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Community Service

            Community service does not have just one single meaning, it has many. Community service means something different to every person in the world. To me community service means helping not only your community, but also your school, state, and country. It means to be kind and caring to others, to help out those who are less fortunate then you. Community service is when you take time out of your life to do something that will better other people not only physically, but also mentally, and in addition will improve your surroundings. .
             A person encounters community service everyday of their life. One of my most rewarding community service acts that I have ever done was coaching little kids at soccer. This allowed me to pass on something that I love to do so much to another person. It allowed me to show others all the beauty and ease in playing soccer, and all the joy one can get from it. Not only could I pass on something that I love so much, but I was also able to teach kids things they may not have known before they met me. I was able to better them not only on the soccer field, but also teach them lessons that they will be able to use off the soccer field.
             Community service not only benefits the people that you are helping, but it can also help to better your school, your community, and you. Working harder and longer is good for some students. It helps them to learn more in areas which they didn't know they lacked in, and apply what they have learned to their everyday school life. Also, community service can be beneficial to your community. Community service can help to clean up your community, say by cleaning parks or roads, or just keeping kids off the street; teaching them to do what is right in life. When one person does community service it helps to better many people, including you. Community service allows you to interact with the real working world, which many people do not normally do.

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