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            Religion is the basic foundation of life encompassing all characteristics of human existence. During this course, I learned that religion is mainly needed for guidance, physically and psychologically.
             One would think that Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism have nothing in common, but in some ways they are. Generally, there are also differences between the five. Actually they are not so much a religion as a religion-social system. All religions share common goals and two main ones are to connect an individual to something behind the surface of life and to successfully reach a peaceful afterlife. Christians believe that their reward for a righteous life is to go to Heaven. For Muslims, the reward for following the 5 Pillars of Islam is pleasant dwellings in Gardens of Eternity. These are the sole reasons for having the religions in the first place. .
             Hinduism contains a whole farrago of theologies, philosophies, and sacrificial systems, nevertheless its one dominant note is that of caste. Hindu's built a wall, in which the caste was the main portion, of law around the faith so that none could stray from it. These laws that regulate the caste are saved for there is no other unifying element in all Hinduism. Christians often form castes or endogamous bodies similar to castes. This is done to form a more or less separate community. There are two major sections in Hinduism and at least fifty-seven sub sections, each are seeking to attain salvation with the aid of its own gods and ceremonies. Christianity, which is even more intensively divided, is at least united by its recognition of Jesus. Hinduism has no such common doctrine. By popular account it is known that Hinduism has thirty million gods, and Christianity belief is just one main god and only one god. Buddhism has no god. Buddah was only seen as the creator of the All five religions are alike because of temples and churches which are used to worship their gods and are also very sacred.

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