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Media, Society and Culture

            Media is the prime reflection of society and culture. Music videos and advertisements are two main sources that portray their society and their target audience with how they should view and set standards of what they should consider to be the norm. Beyoncé's hit music video "ego" sums up the way our society thinks about the male sexual organ. Beyoncé refers to the penis, as being "the bigger the better" comparing the penis to a man's ego. "Its too big its too wide it don't fit, he walks like this cause he can back it up, he's got a big ego, such a huge ego." In the video Beyoncé is shown sitting with legs wide open as she is describing the man with the big "ego", this refers to the picture that our society paints of how a man should sit, legs wide open and hunched back like a tough guy. Also, the lyrics can be what most feminist would see as degrading, for example: "Ego so big, you must admit I got every reason to feel like I'm that bitch", I believe that this is saying that the stronger the man you have the more woman it makes you. This music video makes a big connection to gender and gender roles, it gives the male figure a strong role stating that a man should walk strong, act strong, act confident, have a big ego, and be able to back it up. It also gives the female a more submissive role by saying that a woman was created for the man when Beyoncé expresses these lyrics, "Some women were made but me, myself I like to think that I was created for a special purpose, you know, what's more special than you?" .
             Christina Aguilera's video "Stronger" is about people who don't fit in to the norms of society. In this video there is a transgender shown putting on his make-up and wig as he gets ready for his day it shows his everyday struggles as he looks into the mirror. Although this video shows the differences and how keeping strength alive can make things better, I believe it also shows how society views anything that is out side of what we consider to be normal.

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