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How Social Media Harms Society

            Our generation has become the "Look at Me" generation in which we allow social media to be a big part of our everyday lives. Through online social media, people are able to connect with others who share their interests. These people could post news, photographs, videos and any other contents. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in September 2012, sixty-eight percent of Latinos, sixty-six percent of Whites and sixty-nine percent of Blacks within the internet community use social media such as Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram (Lopez, Barrera, Patten). Also, the survey includes that more than half of the population in United States of America uses social media sites (Lopez, Barrera, Patten). In addition, it is known that one of the largest networks such as Facebook could acquire hundreds of millions of members (Rowan). However, the popularity of these social networks often raises debates on a similar issue such as safety concerns. The advancement of technology in communication has, indeed, allowed knowledge and ideas to be shared by people across the globe more conveniently and quickly. In spite of that, a particular social network such as Instagram is causing more harm than good as it could lead to distraction among the users, cyber-bullying and the diminishment of privacy.
             First of all, Instagram promotes a culture of distraction, where we are increasingly disconnected from people and events around us. Most users utilize Instagram for taking pictures, editing images with different types of filters, and posting them on Instagram rather than interacting with their companions. It is a revelation that most people are not using Instagram as a mesan of interaction or communication among parties. Not only that, Instagram leads us to be increasingly limited to engage in long-form thinking. Moreover, people tend to be increasingly anxious when their brains are not stimulated regularly.

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