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Social Media and a Changing Society

            Social media is a powerful tool used to dictate our society in many ways, sometimes more than we could imagine. It's a force so strong that it influences people from what they should wear, buy, eat and even what to listen to on the radio. It can influence ideologies and change people's perspective on things just because it's portrayed a certain way. People are becoming more and more being dependent on social media and networks such as Twitter and Facebook for communicating with others and to know what's going on around the world. Most people would rather work at the comfort of their homes and communicate (via phone, or Twitter/Facebook). If you were to look back a hundred years, social media wasn't as advanced as it was now, people would have to go out and buy a newspaper in order to know what happened in last nights game; who won, who got injured? Etc. but now we have the computer to do that all for us. So can social media change our society in a way, which it dictates our lives? .
             Social Media and the Indoctrination of the Youth:.
             As we progress as a society we see more and more troubled youth and instead of helping and preventing, we idolize it. For example teenage pregnancy has drastically increased over the years. Statics Canada says, "An estimated 19,724 women aged 15 to 19 gave birth". One would blame the ever-increasing shows given to teenage moms to exploit their-in my eyes stressful-lifestyle. Other statistics also show that the abortion rate after pregnancy is high, According to the National Post "The ratio for teens aged 15-19 is even more shocking. For every 100 babies born to Ontario teens, 152 are aborted" (Bowles, 2011, para.2). "Most Canadians are unaware that teens don't need parental consent to have an abortion. They don't even have to inform their parents. In fact, most Canadians - 80% according to a 2010 Angus Reid poll - don't even know we have no legal restrictions on abortion" (Bowles, 2011, para.

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