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How I Would Change My Life If I Could.

             How I Would Change My Life If I Could.
             If I could change my life I would change it in three ways. The first way would be my athleticism and the way I perform in sports. The second way would be to alter how much money I have which currently I have none. The last way would be to change my age and make me older so I could do more things. My athleticism would be the first thing I would change.
             By changing my life in the aspect of athleticism; agility would be a major thing. I know bigger people aren't supposed to be agile but agility includes speed and flexibility I have some of each but I could use some more. Along with agility my athletic performance could use a boost, more stamina and more muscle is what would help. In that part of my life that's all I need help in but other parts are still hampering. Take how much money I have for example.
             My current run in the money business is not what I would call standard but other people may believe that for a fourteen year old not having any money is rather acceptable. As for where I stand I need some form of money. Without money a person is nothing. I"m not saying that I would want to be rich but some money would be nice. If I had my choice as to where my current living quarters are I would want to live with Bill Gates or at least have half the money he does. If I'm not old enough to understand the importance of money why have it.
             Which is why I would have to change my age as well. Even though age change is supposed to occur naturally. I wish that I could drive and do all of the other sophisticated things adults do. There would be a down side to growing up too fast though. Paying taxes and not having my parents to rely on would be one thing. Come to think about the whole big picture every thing has a downside.
             Since every thing has a down side I wouldn't need to change things right now. If I wanted to be better in sports I could lift weights and run which I am doing as of current.

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