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How I View Success

            Success is a number of things resulting in the various levels of adventures on which we embark, but can be bring it to life. Sure, we can, we could turn a person, place, thing, or idea into something that is a living thing that is part of the success we achieved. One could pinpoint such a concept on a home they purchased. All the energy and efforts they put into this goal is a living thing. The many peaks and valleys you would have to go through to buy this home makes it an abstract concept that you could see in front of you. It is not enough to think about something, you have to bring it to life to give it some sort of meaning to you. Like an actor in role, they read a script to embody a character, an emotion, a concept if you will of how they need to carry out that scene.
             We research an idea of what we want to do, then decide if that is something we want to get on board with, therefore, birthing a concept or idea of your road to success. What we do with that research determines how we choose to bring it to life. Learning the background on the topic and how it may affect you and/or a situation can make it a living indication of what is to come. Taking the first steps to bring the dream into a reality is the hardest part. It is one thing to think of something and daydream of all the ways it can greatly influence your life, but it is truly another to live out the actions of the perception. You could give thought to success having no physical evidence to it or that it is not a living thing. However, I beg to differ because all of the actions one takes to get from a first step to their last step in a process are bringing it to fruition, like a sketch of a cartoon that comes to life on the television. .
             When I first learned of how to bring success to life for me, it was a scary journey I knew I needed to take. It was a lower level position I took at a company, which I was very happy with in the beginning.

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