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How the Theme of Revenge contributes to the Success of Hamle

            Primarily, it is obvious to all that the notion of revenge is the foundation on which the play is built upon. Not only does it ignite the fuse of the play, leading it straight to a tragic yet explosive end, but it also initiates hamlets ongoing war between himself and his conscience. So to say "the theme of revenge contributes to the success of the play" is simply an understatement. As without this theme there would be no play at all!.
             First and foremost, the idea of revenge is not only the main theme of the play, but it also helps us understand most of the characters Especially hamlet. Hamlets revenge for his father's death is by no means the only thing troubling him. But this gives an opportunity for him to vent his frustrations of his indecisiveness, leading to lack off action. This however is not realised by anyone else. And to Hamlet it is a chance to once and for all extinguish that flame burning inside of him, yearning for action, rather than words.
             "Am I a coward?".
             "I am pigeon-livered and lack gall".
             Words such as this are what fuel his quest for justice to be served over his father's untimely exit. Hamlet constantly berates himself through the play, he knows only to well that the lack of action could lead to repercussions, but just cant bring himself to do the deed. However, if he can bring himself to murder his father's killer, his uncle, he knows all the questions and inner conflict will be silenced.
             The story of Hamlet, is by no means purely based on one mans quest for revenge. The story features several other people who wish revenge just as much as Hamlet, if not more! Laertes and Fortinbras contrast quite significantly from Hamlet despite the fact that their situations are very similar. Both of these have experienced death on a loved one, but vow to take revenge, and act upon it. For example, when Laertes finds out that Hamlet has killed his father, Polonius. His response to Claudius question differs considerably to Hamlet attitude.

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