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Living Day by Day with Denise

             The sun is shining up high in the blue sky. All I can hear is children`s heavy footsteps running back and forth on to the cracking floor. Then I see a beautiful face coming to my door. A 5'4" figure with curly hair and light brown eyes coming my way. She has a soccer ball in her hand and she is saying, "I think that ball is your brother's". My mind just blanked out and all I can say to her is hi. That was the moment I met the person who would change my life forever. A week went by since my first encounter with Denise. I would say good morning or good afternoon every time we made contact over my cement wall. Denise would always get nervous and start to blush when I would look at her. As I stood there having long conversations with her, all I could think was that she was perfect. Everyone around the block tried to get to know her but gave up. It did not matter how good your game was, she was never interested. My feelings for her started to grow so strong that it would drive me crazy when I didn't get a chance to tell her good morning or good afternoon. .
             A month passed since I last saw Denise and the only thing on my mind was if she was okay. One day, finally, she appeared but she didn't look like the same Denise I laid my eyes on that summer day. She walked through her gate with a bandana on her head and her face pale. Her beautiful light brown eyes turned empty and sad. Something was not right and I had a gut feeling about it. Three months passed by since I first met Denise but it was the first month that she was my girlfriend. Things were great and I was the happiest person when I was with her. My knowledge about Denise started to become stronger and I always learned something new about her everyday. One thing that I noticed was that she would always have a new hairstyle every other week. Her unique ways had me thinking she was more obsessed with her hair than anything else. Although when I would bring it up she would get a little hesitant and just change the subject.

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