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Cosby Show VS. Family Mattrs

             People say history repeats itself, and this is true in many ways. Television for example has changed greatly over the years, but in many ways has stayed the same. For years families have gathered around the television to spend time together and be entertained. Over the years, many varieties of family sitcoms have crossed the airways. The sitcoms are basically the same but different in themes. Two different shows from two different eras with different characters could in many ways be very similar. A good example of this is The Cosby Show, and Family Matters. These two shows have been watched and enjoyed in American living rooms for decades. .
             The Cosby Show was a popular series that began in September of nineteen eighty four. It centered around a coming of age family, the Huxtables. The two main characters on the show are Cliff Huxtable, played by Bill Cosby, and his wife Claire Huxtable played by Phylicia Rashad. The couple had five children. The oldest child was Sondra, then Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and the youngest Rudy. The Huxtables live in New York City. Cliff is an Obstetrician at the local hospital. .
             Claire is a lawyer. This was a dramatic change in television that a woman with a large family is in the work place.
             The Cosby show went against many norms set by society. The most obvious was the switching and balancing of gender roles in the American family. Normally men were to be the bread winners in the family. Women on family television shows were usually stay at home mom's. A woman's job was to stay at home, raise the children, keep the house clean, and have dinner ready when the men came home from work. Cliff was often at home with the children dealing with their problems while Claire was at work. .
             The Huxtibles were very wealthy, not only with money but also friends and family. Cliff and Claire's parents would often come over for Sunday dinners and special occasions. For example, when it was Cliff's parent's 50th wedding anniversary, the grandkids went back in time and made their grandparents feel as if it were 50 years ago.

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