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Effects of TV

             There are many shows that have had an impact on society, but the three that I believe had the most influence on society is Three's Company, Cosby Show and Mash.
             These shows had strong influence on society, and made us look at certain things with a different point of view.
             Three's Company had an influence in the way of the sexual revolutions. People started to see that it was ok for one guy to live with two women. People saw that women were the same as men and asked the question, why is it not ok for these people to live together. Three's Company made its influence in society by dealing with the sexual revolution and showing that men and women are equal.
             The Cosby Show had a great impact on society by being the African American show on TV. The show helped break down barriers of racism. Bill Cosby showed that African Americans do live a normal live and can be just as successful as any other human being on the face of the planet. The Cosby Show, in my opinion, had the biggest influence in society than any other show.
             The final show that had an impact on society was Mash. Mash made the influence by showing war in a funny way. You saw the sad parts of war, but they also had a lot of laughs. People really saw the sad points of war but not in a way that you would get depressed. People really saw the pain the soldiers went through during war. That is the influence Mash had on society.
             These shows, in my opinion had the strongest influence on society. These shows really helped people look at old subjects in a different light. The shows touched on these subjects that no one discussed and made them opened their eyes. They made people discuss these topics and that is why they had an influence on society. .

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