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Diversity Interview - Navajo Indian

            I interviewed a young lady that identified herself as a Navajo Indian. She has two children a female infant and a seven year old boy. Before conducting the interview I explained that the information will be used to help me learn about her culture and how it shaped her life. I will now provide the answers along with the questions that I asked her and theories to outline the data I collected from her. I will use the name Kathy to identify her.
             A. What does it mean to you to have young children?.
             Kathy identified having children to be a blessing because they bring joy to her life. When she sees their little faces her heart melts. Kathy said "It's a feeling I have never experienced until my babies came along." The meaning of parent to her is to spend as much time with her kids and teaching them right from wrong. She wants to raise her kids to be like her and the father, while also teaching them from the things they have learned that they do not want their kids to do. She sighs and says "being a parent is hard work and is a lot of responsibility and pressure to raise them to be good.".
             The role of her family is important because that is where she gets information on her culture. It is difficult to spend time with them because they leave on a reservation in Prewitt. .
             Her mother and some of her family members come down to visit at least once a month or every two months. When they come to visit she says they are very helpful and supportive, they enjoy spending time with her children and offer to watch them so she can have some free time. Kathy explained that sometimes it can be difficult when they come because they want her to be more strict on who her son plays with and how is disciplined. She also said that she go to visit her family in Prewitt when she can because she wants her children to experience life on a reservation. She doesn't want her kids to forget where they came from.

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