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navajo language

            The Navajo Code TalkerÞs Dictionary When a Navajo code talker received a message, what he heard was a string of seemingly unrelated Navajo words. The code talker first had to translate each Navajo word into its English equivalent. Then he used only the first letter of the English equivalent in spelling an English word. Thus, the Navajo words "wol-la-chee" (ant), "be-la-sana" (apple) and "tse-nill" (axe) all stood for the letter "a." One way to say the word "Navy" in Navajo code would be "tsah (needle) wol-la-chee (ant) ah-keh-di-glini (victor) tsah-ah-dzoh (yucca)." As shown below, most letters had more than one Navajo word representing them. Not all words had to be spelled out letter by letter. The developers of the original code assigned Navajo words to represent about 450 frequently used military terms that did not exist in the Navajo language. Several examples: "besh-lo" (iron fish) meant "submarine," "dah-he-tih-hi" (hummingbird) meant "fighter plane" and "debeh-li-zini" (black sheep) meant "squad." A. (Wol-La Chee) - Ant .
             (Be-La-Sana) - Apple .
             (Tse-Nill) - Axe .
             B. (Na-Hash-Chid) - Badger .
             (Shush) - Bear (Toish-Jeh) - Barrel C. (Moasi) - Cat (Tla-Gin) - Coal (Ba-Goshi) - Cow D. (Be) - Deer (Chindi) - Devil (Lha-Cha-Eh) - Dog E. (Ah-Jah) - Ear (Dzeh) - Elk (Ah-Nah) - Eye F. (Chuo) - Fir (Tsa-E-Donin-Ee) - Fly (Ma-E) - Fox G. (Ah-Tad) - Girl (Klizzie) - Goat (Jeha) - Gum H. (Tse-Gah) - Hair (Cha) - Hat (Lin) - Horse I. (Tkin) - Ice (Yeh-Hes) - Itch f(A-Chi) - Intestine J. (Tkele-Cho-Gi) - Jackass (Ah-Ya-Tsinne) - Jaw (Yil-Doi) - Jerk K. (Jad-Ho-Loni) - Kettle (Ba-Ha-Ne-Di-Tinin) - Key (Klizzie-Yazzie) - Kid L. (Dibeh-Yazzie) - Lamb (Ah-Jad) - Leg (Nash-Doie-Tso) - Lion M. (Tsin-Tliti) - Match (Be-Tas-Tni) - Mirror (Na-As-Tso-Si) - Mouse N. (Tsah) - Needle (A-Chin) - Nose (Nesh-Chee) - Nut O. (A-Kha) - Oil (Tlo-Chin) - Onion (Ne-Ahs-Jah) - Owl P. (Cla-Gi-Aih) - Pant (Bi-So-Dih) - Pig (Ne-Zhoni) - Pretty Q.

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