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The Navajo Code Talkers

            During World War II, the United States Marine Corps' Navajo Code Talkers played a crucial role in keeping classified information coded and out of the hands of the enemies. The Navajo Code Talkers were based off the World War I Choctaw Code Talkers that were used by the United States Army. The Navajo Code Talkers were supported by Philip Johnston, a civil engineer WWI veteran. The Code Talkers showed to the Armed Forces the necessity for cryptology and protecting classified information.
             The Navajo Code Talkers were needed during World War II due to the fact that the Japanese were excellent code breakers. The United States Army used the Choctaw tribe as messengers during World War I to confuse the Germans and helped developed a code that eventually expanded to other Native American tribes (Meadows). The Marine Corps decided to take a new path and use the Navajo to transmit messages while on the battlefield. The Navajo language is difficult to pick up and at that time was not well known to the Japanese. The Marine Corps was hesitant to use the Navajo to develop a code but they were pushed by Philip Johnston to give them a chance.
             Philip Johnston, a retired US Army Civil Engineer, helped in promoting the use of the Navajo people as the code talker by the Marine Corps. Johnston was raised on a Navajo reservation where he became fluent in the language (Meadows). With the push by Johnston, the Marine Corps decided to go with the Navajo and had 29 Navajo men were sent to Camp Pendleton in California to create the unbreakable code (True Whispers). A "Code Talker could receive, translate, and send a three-line message in a mere twenty seconds" (True whispers). The ability to send and translate messages during important battles such as Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal. The Code Talkers were also crucial to American victory during World War II by creating an unbreakable code for the Japanese to try to break.

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