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World War II Study Guide

             Truman - President who decided to drop atomic bombs on Japan .
             Eisenhower - Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied troops in D-Day .
             MacArthur - General who returns to Philippians - Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific .
             Rommel - General in charge of Afrika Korps .
             Hitler - poorly educated Austrian; joined German workers party, became leader, changed name to Nazi; became Dictator of Germany .
             Mussolini - in Fascist Party; declared himself Dictator of Italy .
             Tojo - Dictator of Japan .
             Stalin - Dictator of USSR .
             Franco - Dictator of Spain .
             Billy Mitchel - General that supported idea of Separate Air Arm (he wanted airplanes to be put into a different military unit under their own command instead of being just another weapon) .
             TOPICS: .
             Common Good - What is good for most of the people .
             Causes of the war - Underlying: Treaty of Versailles, Economic Problems in Germany, Nationalism, Rise of Dictatorships, Need for Industrial Resources, Spanish Civil War - Immediate: Invasion of Poland .
             3 Major Axis Powers - Germany, Italy, Japan .
             4 Major Allied Powers - US, UK, France, USSR .
             Rhineland - section of Western Germany declared a Demilitarized Zone by the treaty of Versailles .
             Appeasement - the policy of giving in to demands - Start: Occupation of Rhineland - End: Invasion of Poland .
             Blitzkrieg - "lightning war- which stressed speed and surprise; Stuka bombers, tanks smash defenses, knock out communication .
             Luftwaffe - German Air Force .
             RAF - British Royal Air Force .
             Blitz of Britain -German bombers bomb RAF bases, then bombed London by mistake, then intentionally more; aerial battle .
             Pearl Harbor - Cause: When Japan took French Indochina, US put trade embargo on Japan. Japanese wanted to destroy the US' Pacific Fleet in order to clear the way to conquer Southeast Asia - US reacts by declaring war on Japan and inspiring men to enlist in the armed forces, creates a battle cry, General Kimmal forced to retire, America bombs major Japanese cities in revenge .

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