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Hitler vs. Stalin

             World War II was a tragedy for a number of countries. Once the war began, there were people, actions, and decisions that provoked the war to continue. The war began, continued, and ended with the prominent leaders of the Axis and Allies. On the Axis side was Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Allies were Great Britain, Soviet Union, and The United States. Such leaders of the nations were Charles de Gaulle, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. From each side there was a leader that stood above the rest. The most influential of the leaders was Hitler and. Stalin. Both the leaders shared characteristics that ultimately resulted in fighting. The war began due to the breaking of a pact between Hitler and Stalin, when Hitler bombed Poland. At that point the differences of Hitler and Stalin began creating the troubles that would last till the end of the war. Through studying the characteristics and behaviors of Hitler and Stalin preventable mistakes due to the similarities and differences of the two men can be determined to be the cause of the war.
             World War II was an addition to World War I that was ignited by the Axis powers. The leader in most of the Axis" attacks was Germany, with Hitler as their guide (1). Similar to the position of Hitler in his alliance was Stalin in the Allied powers (2). Germany's leader Hitler, and the leader of the Soviet Union, Stalin, began to show similar dangerous characteristics. One of the largest similarities was a syndrome named "little man's complex." This term is used for men that are small in stature, and attempt to compensate for it by using violence and absolute control. Both Hitler and Stalin ruled a totalitarian nation, or a nation where the government takes total control over all aspects of public and private life (3). Neither Hitler nor Stalin would hesitate in the murdering of any man, woman, or child (4). Hitler would even put his own family members to death (5).

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