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Mohandas Gandhi and Nonviolent Resistance

            Mohandas Gandhi and Nonviolent Resistance .
             Gandhi's methods of nonviolence resistance did indeed work for the people of India, but for other cases this method would not have worked as well. For example, if a country such as Iraq used this technique of nonviolence in the war between the U.S. vs. Iraq they would not have gotten very far. The main reason is because the U.S. has a very strong military force that is very well trained and can topple almost everything over. Since Iraq was seen as a threat the U.S. had to take action and nothing even a nonviolent resistant method would stop them. The U.S. wanted to take over Iraq and that's exactly what they were going to do. Since Iraq was not controlled by another country at the time, like India was, nonviolence resistance would do nothing for them. By taking action to this method nothing would be gained, just lost for the people of Iraq. For India this method of resistance added to the loss of money and suffering economy for the British and soon this drove the British out. This allowed the people of India to be able to have self rule. The people of Iraq already had self rule and to violently resist would not harm any other economy, but it's own. Although the people of Iraq have a valuable thing which is oil nonviolence would not help them in any way to keep such resources as these. Gandhi's method though may have worked for other countries, such as those that were captured by Hitler. If all the countries that were taken over by Hitler used this method of nonviolent resistance Europe might have been a better place not being ruled by such a terrible tyrant. Gandhi's method would work only if one country was ruling another by establishing, their own government in another's home also known as Imperialism. In this form of government an alien country would establish its economy in another country and get all of their profits. So if Poland for example, would have stopped producing goods for the Germans the Germans would lose some of their own profits causing the economy to go downward.

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