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My Life Changing Roll

             To some people bodyboarding is just something you do when you go down to the beach in summer, and to others it is just an extreme sport that is fun to watch on TV, but to me it is more than all of that, it is a lifestyle. When I was younger I would always go to the beach with my dad and surf, not bodyboard, because he was a surfer and I wanted to be like him, but that would all change. The summer before eighth grade I was at the beach with some of my friends and I paddled out on a bodyboard, and while I was out there I pulled my first roll. Pulling that roll was the best thing that I could have ever done, had I not pulled that one roll at Linda Lane beach my life would be very different. I would not have been able to witness to as many people as I did in high school, I would not be here at Point Loma, and I would not be as level headed as could be. .
             Flying through the air so freely was an amazing experience and from that moment on all I wanted to do was bodyboard and get better so I could fly higher. There is not a better feeling in the world than being upside down in the air, watching the beach rotating in front of you and the sound of the crashing wave below you. As I continued to get better I learned how to do a plethora of tricks, including back flips, front flips, and reverse rolls. Although I have now become a professional bodyboarder, I am still getting better everyday, and my love the sport and ocean grows each time I learn something new. .
             By my freshman year bodyboarding began to open many doors for me I already had two sponsors and I was able to use the promotion I received from my sponsors to witness to non-Christian surfers and bodyboarders at my high school. Bodyboarding gave us something we had in common, and it made it easier to bring up religion. Whether I was out in the water or at school, people would approach me and ask about my sponsors or how I became good, and I would always tell them that I could not have done it without God on my side.

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