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Rock And Roll In The 1950s

             Rock and roll was started after the cold war conflicts ended. Rock and roll began in the United States; the music was influenced by other cultures and musical traditions like gospel music, blues, country- and western, and folk music. The term rock music was known to the music style after the 1959. R&B was mostly influenced by African American. Charlie Christian was the first perform with an amplified guitar, during the late 1930s. what motivated me to pick this topic was the styles of music that they used in their music performance. I also wanted to find out when the guitar and other instruments were invented. Many people are life is influenced by the type of music that they hear. I think that people would be interested in finding out what made the people like rock and roll, jazz, and the blues. In the 1950s, World War Two in people started have babies the population was growing. Americans started buying car; the people income went from 3,000 to 5,000in nine years. In my report there are a few famous rock and roll people that were a big part of the rock and roll movement in the 1950s. In conclusion, the 1950s are best known for the rock and roll era.
             What comes to your mind when you hear rock and roll? Will I don't know that to your mind, but when I hear that word I think of the people that sing rock and roll today not back in the day when it first got stared. I thought that is would be something interesting to do for a report. One question that I have had on my mind is how did all the people get to like it? What motivated the people to like the songs? Also the types of song that songwriter wrote? Along with the types of things they wrote about? In this report I will be talking to you about some of the famous rock and roll people, and how they influenced the people along with the music industry. I think that the music back then is the same reason that people lesion to it today. I will be showing what caused the teenagers and artist to turn music.

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