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             "Bon le ton á la rouler-, is the motto I, as well as every other child growing up in New Orleans, was taught. French for "Let the good times roll-, the phrase symbolized us and played a major role in our decision making. My name is __________, and yes I was born in and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I moved to New Jersey at the end of May 2002, and love it here. The only problem I see is that the people here need to slow down a bit, take a step back from life, and for goodness sakes, RELAX. Perhaps we relaxed a bit too much in New Orleans, but you people are ridiculous.
             In New Orleans, I attended ___________ High School. Originally I was studying to be a surgeon, but my junior year I took Television Production as a blow-off course and absolutely fell in love with it. I have gone as far as working for New Orleans news stations, and stooped as low as filming weddings. I have studied as much TV Production as my high school would offer and now attend _________ with plans to further my education. I am currently taking English 121 with hopes of learning how to be able to sit down with a writer, give him/her an outline of what I want, and to be able to logically critique him on a piece I would like to do. I would absolutely love to be able to put a couple of skate videos out into the world and then possibly work for a major production company.
             Skateboarding is my absolute favorite thing to do in my free time. I feel skating is possibly one of the most challenging, frustrating and exhilarating things I have ever addressed. I started skating about five months ago, and haven't put my board down since.
             My life is simplistic and I love a good challenge. Writing has never been a strong suit of mine, but hopefully that will change.

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