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Life Strategies for Teens by Jay Mcgraw

            Life Strategies for Teens by Jay Mcgraw.
             "The secret to success is to know something nobody else does (Aristotle Onassis)." I discovered that the true test of the value of this book, or any other book, should be whether or not it changes your life. You should hold yourself to that standard. Don't mindlessly do things and let things fly out of your brain just as quickly as they flow in. Life laws are in force at all times. When you violate these laws, there is a high price to pay just as if you break a criminal law and get caught by the police. When you violate the Life Laws, you very simply get what your do not want, instead of what you do want. "Taking control: the ten laws of life." There is nothing more frustrating than trying to play a game when you do not understand the rules. You can't seem to comprehend the objective or pick up the skills needed to win the game. But everything is extremely easy when you know how. This look is based upon the book Life Strategies. Which explains "if you are going to win this game, the game of life, you have to understand the rules of the game." You also have to understand the penalties and rewards associated with breaking those rules. What the Life Strategies did was identify the rules. This book translates them for you. The author translated those Life Laws in such a way that it doesn't take each person ten years to understand them. The following are the ten Laws of Life: (1) You either get it or you don't. How to get the L for loser off your forehead. (2) You create your own experience. Become the star of your own life. (3) People do what works. The truth about why you can act so weird. (4) You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Get big-time real about your shortcomings and make a "to do" list. (5) Life rewards action. What are you waiting for? Get it in gear! (6) There is not reality, only perception. Open your eyes and get into focus.

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