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My Experience with McGraw-Hill's Connect

            McGraw-Hill connect is something very different and new to me. I have taken English 1301 before and I wasn't approached into the class this way. Surprisingly, starting McGraw was easy and simple to comprehend. Going into the diagnostic I didn't know what to expect, but as I continued to follow through the learning process I learned that the information taught was based on areas where I needed help, or needed work on. I find this very helpful and cannot wait to fully finish the learning goals by the end of the semester.
             The first step to connect is taking the pre-diagnostic. Having failed English 1301 previously and knowing I haven't worked on any grammar or sentence structures in summer caused me to be a bit nervous taking the pre-test. Even though the pre-test wasn't a grade, I looked at it as a test for myself just to see how much I remember and know. I carefully took my time, reading each question and answering the best way I could. Sometimes I got the urge to want to google the answers but I knew I wouldn't learn anything from taking the easy way out.
             The diagnostic covered many topics from verbs and adverbs to phrases and clauses. This was my one of my favorite topics. I mastered picking out the verbs and different nouns in sentences. They were very easy to my eye, but there was also information that I thought I knew and was clear to me, but actually wasn't. The hardest section for me so far were "Making pronouns with their Antecedents, and subject verb agreement." The sentences came off very hard to read as I had to differentiate singular and plural nouns in reference to collective nouns and antecedents. There is so much detail when looking at the sentences I often confuse myself then choosing the incorrect structure of the sentence.
             Once I got into the habit of working my way through the learning plans, I came up with my own schedule as to how I would continue completing the lessons.

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