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My Experiences with Reading

            Born in a household where English is not the prominent language, my childhood experiences with reading are scarce. It was not until those magical high school years when my affection toward readings begun. The affair wasn't that spicy, but I was surely dating my random readings in the library. Each day, I would randomly pick a copy and open a random page to read. The school library used to be my lunch table for half hour. In addition to my passionate reading sessions, I had some great teachers throughout who have encouraged me to enjoy reading and till date, my best read is "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. .
             In these college years, I do not have much time to read, because of my schedule. The only reading I am able to do is on the internet. Some of the pages I like to follow on social media are "Terribly Tiny Tales," and "The Anonymous Writer." These pages post both fiction and non-fiction stories written by amateur writers like me and edited by their admins. Today, one can use the internet to enhance your reading experience. I have read several books that led me to the internet because I wanted to know more about some of the things or people mentioned in the books. Other times I have written down words that I didn't know the meaning of and looked them up on the internet for my benefit to improve vocabulary. .
             Some of the major improvements of my vocabulary happened in those writing courses I took in my first three semesters at STLCOP. Even in those writing courses, I was assigned to read at least one story or article before the class. Like this literature course, the class would have a conventional discussion on the reading that was assigned to read before that class day. Those writing courses were primarily focused on how to become an effective writer by avoiding mechanical errors, while this literature course will be more focused on evaluating the elements of non-fiction works.

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