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Reading Experience

             I find this assignment extremely difficult because I have very few memories of reading. My experience with reading has been a pleasant one. Though I have never had a passion to read. I had some great teachers through out my education that taught me to enjoy reading and not be intimidated by it. Through college and today I do not have much time to read, because of my schedule. The only reading I am able to do is on the internet. That consists of reading newspapers and other information I find interesting. As far as reading novels and books, it doesn't happen. In the future I hope to make time to read and relax. From this class I hope to learn some necessary skills to improve my reading skills. I do need to concentrate on the material so I do not have to read it over and over again.
             I never really enjoyed reading, and have few memories of being read to. My earliest memory is of my Dad reading Peter Pan and The Little Tug Boat That Could (I think that was the name) as a little kid. I also remember my Dad reading the book Where the Wild Things Are. Those were the only books I liked. I am not sure how often I was read to, but I do not think it was too often. I was a restless child and was hard for me to sit in one place for a period of time. I do not recall watching much television though. Not really sure what I was doing at that age. .
             As far as a revelation of when I realized that I was reading, I do not remember or think I had one. I struggled so much with reading that I blocked it out because it was such a painful experience. .
             I cannot remember when I first started to read or when I realized I was reading. I guess it wasn't an important time in my life, probably because I struggled with reading. I"m sure it was around the first or second grade. I must have been tracked in those grades because I know that in third grade I had to go see a special reading instructor with three other kids.

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