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The Benefits of Reading

             It is extraordinary how people’s minds can be expanded by reading. In order to have this experience, the mind must follow the reading wherever it goes. For example, if one read about a story that happens on the ocean when the sun rises with some dolphins playing around in a beautiful landscape, the reader must imagine the place where the story is happening. In addition,.
             Valentine (2001) states, “Reading books expand your knowledge, introduces us to new ideas and may even improve our writing skills” (para1). Therefore reading is a very powerful activity because it improves concentration, helps people to become more imaginative and allows one to understand other people point of view.
             Reading improves our concentration. This happens because reading makes our mind follow the description of the lecture. While we are reading, we are following-through the reading and being concentrated. It means that we are paying attention to the reading. For example, a person gets very submerged in the lecture when they are reading. One time I was talking to a friend and she started reading a magazine while I was talking to her. She got very submerged in the lecture that she wasn’t even paying attention anymore to what I was telling her.
             Reading submerges readers to a place where they can imagine what the lecture is about. As soon as the reader starts reading, the person makes images in his mind about what the lecture says. According to Shaw (2001), “Also it is critically important that students are given the opportunity to create, modify, and internalize requirements and standards in the process of reading…“ (p.189). From my experience, when I read, I imagine the description the author gives .
             us. For example, when the author talks about a hurricane that will be coming and destroying the house, I imagine a huge tornado and many things are flying inside it. I also imagine the people running to their basement to hide.

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