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             Sometimes, you feel that you just want to pack your things and go somewhere different. The big step though, is to really do it! For a log time, I felt that living in Cyprus wasn't enough for me and that I needed more excitement in my life. So I decided to move to New York, "the city that never sleeps". The first couple of months, New York was the party zone for me. I was going out partying almost every single night and I met really nice people that I can say they were my party mates at that time. One night I would never forget is when we didn't know what we wanted to do so we just went to this club and to my surprise my favorite dj was playing music. We had so much fun that we didn't want it to end. How many parties can you really go though, at some point you get tired of them. New York is a really big city and people aren't really that friendly. What connects those people though are there nationalities. For example, fellow Greeks and Cypriots had created organizations and have parties, theatres, contests etc, every now and then. It's really beautiful how connected they are. I enjoyed being a part of that and helping as much as I can. One night I remember, we had a Cyprus night. I showed them some Cyprus dances that I knew and we put together a really nice programme. I felt so proud of being a Cypriot. What disappointed me though is that in a rich city like New York, there are a lot of poor people living on the streets. It's sad that the state doesn't do enough to help them. I remember, I was about to leave work when this ten year old girl came up to me and begged me to give her one dollar and when I asked her if she was alone and if she had a home she told me that she lived on the streets and that every day at five o"clock in the afternoon her mother was expecting five dollars from her or else she would beat her up. I've learned a lot trying to survive a small part of my life, in another country.

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