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My Experience at Pennsylvania Regional Ballet

            Throughout my eighteen years on this planet, I have made many fond memories and had countless laughs. I have met numerous inspiring people and had tons of wonderful experiences. But, as I am looking back, I am realizing that the majority of these memories, laughs, people, and experiences, all stemmed from one incredible little organization that I called home for 12 years: Pennsylvania Regional Ballet. As a child, I tried quite a few sports and activities, although none other than dance lasted for more than a few months. Dancing to me was beautiful; It was fun, I felt pretty, and on top of that, I would get to wear a gorgeous tutu someday! So in my young mind, who would want to play soccer when there is an activity as awesome as ballet?.
             I started dancing when I was three years old, and I was what you would call a "studio hopper." Nothing was good enough for me; My mother always tells me that I used to say to her, "Mom, I want real ballet." She and my father would try and try to find a dance studio that met my expectations, and it took three years. By the time I was six years old, I had found Pennsylvania Regional Ballet, and it quickly created it's own place in my heart, and became my second home.
             My favorite thing about dancing has always been performing, and one of the best parts about stepping on that stage is knowing that my best friends are going to be out there with me. Students like me often get nervous before performing. We have to pace, go out and stage and practice the entire piece, take deep breaths, and close our eyes for a second. .
             When I close my eyes, I remember that I'm not alone on that enormous stage. All of the people that I love are right here with me, whether it be dancing together through the bright lights, standing on the sidelines encouraging me from the wings, or watching the magic happen from out in the audience. Dancing forms relationships that are indescribably close.

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